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International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

Type of organisation:
Reproductive Health

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is a global network of member organisations, working in around 180 countries, providing and campaigning for sexual and reproductive health care and rights. IPPF has been at the forefront of efforts to ensure that a comprehensive response to HIV is situated within a larger sexual and reproductive health framework.

IPPF's work is a coherent response to HIV and AIDS, linking prevention with treatment, care and support. It responds to the unique regional and national characteristics of the epidemic by:

  • providing women with family planning services
  • empowering young women and girls through life skills and vocational training
  • managing sexually transmitted infections
  • proactively involving men and boys
  • increasing access to condoms
  • addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of people living with HIV

IPPF's overall goal is a reduction in the global incidence of HIV and the full protection of the rights of people infected and affected by HIV. To achieve this goal, IPPF works towards four key objectives:

1. Reducing HIV-related stigma: reduce social, religious, cultural, economic, legal and political barriers that make people vulnerable to HIV.

2. Providing prevention services: increase access to interventions for prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections through integrated, gender sensitive and rights-based sexual and reproductive health programmes.

3. Expanding treatment, care and support: increase access to treatment, care, and support for people infected  and affected by HIV, especially young people .

4. Linking sexual and reproductive health and HIV: strengthen the programmatic and policy links between sexual and reproductive health and HIV.

IPPF is a long-standing Champion of the Code:
  • IPPF was involved in the development of the Code and IPPF's Kevin Osborne is currently the Chair of the NGO Code of Good Practice Steering Committee.
  • IPPF developed one of the initial checklists for the Self-Assessment Tool focusing on Governance and is currently working on two additional checklists: Men, Boys and HIV, and; Linking Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV, which will be available in October 2008.

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