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a united and accountable NGO response to HIV/AIDS, dedicated to continuous improvement and informed by evidence and the needs of affected communities.


The NGO Code of Good Practice was developed by NGOs, for NGOs, to help guide our work by providing a framework to which we can commit and be held accountable.  Drawing on 20 years of knowledge and experience, the Code sets out key principles, practice and evidence base required for successful responses to HIV.

The Code Self - Assessment tool  

Introducing the new Code SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL! Put the Code's principles into practice - Download the checklists below and assess how your NGO's programmes measure up to good practice principles.

There are more checklists and translations in development so check back regularly.

Click here for the Self- Assessment Modules in: Arabic, English, French, Spanish & Russian.

478 NGOs support the Code

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We've pulled in the latested HIV-related feeds from ELDIS, viewable here &  the AIDSPortal viewable here!  

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Through this website you can search the Code's principles for topics that you are interested in & link to tools and resources to help you improve your programmes.

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Click here for the Self- Assessment Modules in: Arabic, English, French, Spanish & Russian.

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